With Auto Posher, you can automatically send an offer on an item within 15 minutes of it being liked.


50% of sales on Poshmark are made within one day of a shopper discovering an item, and 67% of all sales are offers!

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Customizable offers

For each marketplace, you can either set up a one-size-fits-all offer:

Simple offers

Or create different offers with different criteria:

Advanced offers


Offer types

Poshmark has two types of offers: "offer to likers" and "bundle offers".

Offers to likers go out to all likers, require a minimum discount of 10% off, and show up in the news feed.

Bundle offers, on the other hand, are private from buyer to seller, do not require a minimum discount, and do not show up in the news feed. To see them from the web, navigate to "My Offers" (opens in a new tab). To see them from the app, click on "Offers" followed by "View All Active Offers":

View all active offers

Auto Posher supports both! When a shopper likes one item in your closet, you can choose how the offer is sent. When a shopper likes more than one item, you can set up a special "Multi-item offer" (which will always be a bundle offer), or turn this off to only send single-item offers.


If you have a public bundle discount (opens in a new tab), Poshmark requires that bundle offers be priced at least $1 lower.



Due to limitations with eBay, offers sent on your behalf are valid for two days and do not allow counter offers.

eBay offers
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