Getting started

Getting started

At Auto Posher, we wanted to make getting started as seamless as possible. No need to manually import your listings — Auto Posher will do it in just one click! For a quick overview, check out this video (opens in a new tab).

Syncing your inventory

To sync your inventory, go to the Inventory Manager and click "sync" or "resync". This will automatically scan your connected closets and use advanced AI to match any new listings we haven't seen before — meaning if you have the same product posted across multiple marketplaces, we'll recognize they're the same and group them together. It will then refresh your inventory in Auto Posher, adding new items and updating the information for any listings you've already imported, ensuring your inventory is always accurate and up-to-date.

Rearranging your listings

If you need to rearrange your listings, you can use drag & drop. Additionally, if you want to move a listing to a separate row, you can select this option from its menu.

Rearranging your listings


Tip: If you want to combine listings on different pages, search for a few keywords to consolidate your view, and then drag & drop.

Crosslist existing listings

Once your inventory has been synced, Auto Posher highlights any gaps and allows you to quickly crosslist them:

Example of an opportunity to crosslist to eBay

When you click the "+ List on [Marketplace]" button, Auto Posher opens a pre-populated form for you. Leveraging AI, we translate the details from your existing listings - things like category, size, and other specifics - into the format required by the marketplace. This allows you to quickly review the information, make any necessary adjustments, and list the item with just a few confirmation clicks.

Adding new listings

In addition to crosslisting, Auto Posher makes it easy to add new listings across multiple marketplaces at once.

At the top of your Inventory Manager, you'll find an "+ Add item" button. Clicking this opens a new page where you can select your marketplaces and fill out all the details for your new item. Once you're done, Auto Posher can then publish the new listings simultaneously! And if you're not quite ready, no problem — we also allow you to save your work as a draft, so you can come back and finish up whenever it's convenient.

Editing pictures

When adding or editing a listing, Auto Posher provides a variety of tools to help you enhance your photos.

Using our intuitive photo editor, you can zoom, rotate, crop, rearrange, and remove backgrounds with just a few simple clicks.

Photo editor

Multi-user access

If you choose to grant access to your Auto Posher account to another individual, they will be able to view key billing details, such as your billing address and the last four digits of your payment method. Please note that all passwords remain encrypted and are not visible to anyone.

When multiple users manage the same inventory, Auto Posher ensures the integrity of your data by preventing errors like double listing an item. Additionally, if one user initiates a sync, the inventory will be temporarily locked, preventing any changes by other users during this time. If outdated data is detected, an error message will be displayed prompting users to refresh the page.

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