With Auto Posher, you can give unsold items a second chance by recreating them from scratch.


94% of sales on Poshmark go to sellers who have listed that same week! If you don't have new inventory, you can use Auto Posher to relist.

All marketplaces

Relisting cycle

Each marketplace has a default relisting cycle:

  • On eBay, our "recreate" cycle is one day shorter than their auto-renewal cycle. By ending and recreating the listing ahead of renewal, the new listing still counts against your monthly limit, but with a much better outcome.
  • On Mercari and Depop, we enforce a 30-day cycle of respect for the marketplaces.
  • On Poshmark, we recommend a 60-day cycle, though a 30-day cycle is still possible.

Custom configuration

Based on your closet size and the marketplace, we offer a personalized recommendation for how many relists you should do per day:

Relisting configuration

You also have the flexibility to exclude specific items from the relisting process. This could be based on the number of likers or by price range. We generally don't recommend setting these filters unless you have particular items you want to intentionally exclude.

Additionally, you can set up automated price adjustments when relisting. For example, you could have the item automatically relisted at $1 lower or 10% higher than the previous price.

Important exceptions

There are a few important exceptions to our relisting process:

  • On Mercari, Poshmark, and Depop, we do not relist items with active offers to avoid disrupting potential sales.
  • On Mercari, this exception extends to luxury items that have been authenticated, as Mercari Authenticate™ is a paid feature and authentication cannot be transferred.


Insertion fees

eBay automatically renews items every month, so any unsold listings will automatically count against your next monthly limit. However, when preemptively recreating these same items with Auto Posher, this schedule is shortened by one day. That means every item listed on the first of the month will be recreated on the last day of the month, therefore counting double against your monthly limit.

eBay fees

Automatic promotions

If you promote your listings individually, these cannot be carried over. However, if you promote your listings automatically, everything will work as expected. Here's how to set this up:

  1. Go to your advertising dashboard (opens in a new tab) and click "Create new campaign" followed by "Promote your listings".
  2. Choose your campaign strategy; we recommend using "General".
  3. Click "Add listings", and at the top, select "Rule-based".
eBay rule-based setup
  1. Create one or more rules for your listings, specifying which ones should be included.
  2. Choose your ad rate strategy; we recommend using "Fixed ad rate".
  3. Click "Launch", and you're all set! Current and future listings, including "recreates" made by Auto Posher, will automatically be added or removed from this campaign according to the rule you created.


Smart pricing/offers

If you relist with a price adjustment, any previous "smart pricing" or "smart offers" settings may no longer be valid. In these cases, we'll automatically disable "smart pricing" or "smart offers" for the new item.

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